Communicate and push your pre-sale

Draw more attention to yourself and simplify the buying process for ticket buyers

In the Cockpit, we offer various options for professionally integrating your presale so that ticket buyers can access your presale with just a few clicks:

  1. Creation of a short URL
  2. Embedding buttons with a link in the ticket shop
  3. Embedding the ticket shop on your website
  4. Use public box offices

Make the pre-sale visible. Use the short URL, the purchase or reservation buttons or directly on your website.

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Creating a short URL

With the short URL feature, you can shorten your long event URL in the cockpit to a memorable length that is particularly suitable for print measures:

  • Flyer
  • Posters
  • Advertisements / Programme booklets

If the short URL is forgotten, print our logo in your documents. This way, ticket buyers will know on which platform the event can be found.

Embedding of purchase & reservation buttons

Integrate the pre-sale button directly on your website. Copy the embed code in the cockpit. If your tickets are free, the text "Reserve tickets" appears; if your tickets are chargeable, "Buy tickets" is displayed.

  1. Edit your event and go to "Short URL, Embed" and select "Embed buy button".
  2. Copy the HTML code from the displayed field
  3. Paste the code into the HTML code of your website at the desired position

Important: This embed or HTML code is not a URL that you can link to. If you cannot edit the HTML code of your website, integrate the image of the purchase or reservation button and link the image to the short URL.
Download buttons as image

Embed the entire ticket shop on your website

With an embed (also called iFrame) on your website, you have the most elegant solution. Without losing traffic, the entire purchase is handled on your website. For example, create a landing page with the name "Tickets" and integrate the entire shop on the page. You can choose an acceptance colour to match your website and show or hide individual elements of the event details.

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Public box offices: Tickets also available at ...

The sale of tickets via public box offices is free of charge for you as the organiser and is automatically activated.

Event participants can also buy their tickets at the branches of Swiss Post, BLS, SOB, OLMO Tickets Bern and Rheinfelden Tourism.

Communicate this VVK opportunity on your channels and reach a wider audience.

More about public box office

Additional tip for Facebook users

Integrate your ticket pre-sales on your Facebook fan page. Because with Facebook you can quickly increase your reach and the ticket pre-sale still runs on one platform.

How it works:

  1. If you don't have a Facebook page, create a Facebook event.
  2. For both public and private events, you can add the ticket URL of your pre-sale.
  3. Integrate our short URL in the "Ticket URL" field, which you can generate and copy in our cockpit under "Marketing".

Logo box

Download our logo for your communication measures. Ideally, you should use our green logo on light surfaces. On dark backgrounds, please use the white one. This gives you more contrast and an optimal result.

Logos for web:

Logos for print: