API - your interface to Eventfrog

Offer an attractive event calendar on your website. Always get the latest event data from Eventfrog via API interface and display the events individually in your design.

Connect your website to our agenda for free

Integrate the Eventfrog calendar data into your website via an easy-to-implement REST interface.

Determine which events are displayed by selecting the data. Use the design to choose how they are displayed.

Offer your website visitors a varied, colourful and always up-to-date range of events!

The interface to our events

Event data can be retrieved in real time via the API. This way, the agenda on your website is always up-to-date.

The API (interface) offers search and filter functions so that you can request exactly the event data you want to display. You are then completely free to display the data as you wish.

One example of how the API can be used is the city of Bülach.

Want a simple version that lets you quickly embed the agenda on your site with very little effort? Then have a look at the "Embed event calendar" function.

Find out more here! Information on embedding the event calendar.

Rely on our technical solutions

As the largest event calendar in Switzerland, Eventfrog offers you an established solution and high data quality.

In addition, you benefit from the stability of the platform and the technical support we offer in case of questions. It should also be emphasised that Eventfrog places a very high value on data protection and security and adheres to the DSGVO.

Several cities and regions already use our interface or our iFrame solution to integrate the events.

Do you have any further questions?

We are happy to help. Our telephone support is available Monday to Friday from 10:00–12:00 and 14:00–17:00.

E-mail: support@eventfrog.net
Hotline Switzerland: +41 62 588 04 50

At weekends and on public holidays, we offer support by e-mail in urgent cases.